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What We do

Any major platform

End-to-end live stream management

We can stream your event on any of the major platforms: Zoom / Zoom Webinar, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live. Not sure which one to go with? We can help you decide with a consultation.

When looking for a live streaming service, we understand that it's not all about gear and streaming. You're looking for professionals to handle the entire process so you can focus on putting together your important event. We can do that for you. From consultation to setup to streaming, we'll do it all so you don't have to.

Streaming from (almost) anywhere

Professional video

We know many events are being held outdoors now, where there's little to no WiFi internet. Every package we offer comes with a cellular hotspot, so as long as you're not in a cellular dead zone, we can stream your event.

We stream in 1080 HD using professional cameras with professional zoom lenses that give that beautiful background blur. We also have an option to include the camera's HD footage, which is higher quality than the streamed copy.

Professional audio

Multi-camera productions

"Audio is half of video" – it's a popular saying in the videography industry. That's how important audio is. That's why we use professional wireless microphones to capture the audio in the highest quality so your virtual guests can hear everything beautifully and clearly.

Need a multi-camera production with multiple microphones and live video switching? We got you covered. We can set up productions with up to four different cameras for four different points of view and switch between them in real time so your virtual guests get an incredibly polished professional virtual show.


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